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Professional Staff


Hello. My name is Barb. I am Dr. Darr's receptionist. I have 43 years experience working in the medical field. I so enjoy working out in the public especially when I can make our patients feel more relaxed and at ease when they come into the office for their appointments . Most patients when coming into a new office for the first time are usually pretty nervous. I feel that making them feel more comfortable can help them both physically and mentally. I believe laughter is the best medicine. At our office we try our very best to cheer you up. You know it is pretty hard to be happy and chipper when you are suffering miserably with pain. Also, I do not want our patients getting down on themselves, all depressed. Because of that patients enjoy coming to our office and they frequently refer family and friends to us. When they leave our office, 95% of them have smiles on their faces and feel better. For that reason, I really enjoy coming to work here. I feel I have accomplished my goal in life.


Hello, my name is Kathy. I am Dr. Darr's assistant. I have been working in the medical field for four years. I am a Certified Medical Assistant with a Phlebotomy License. I enjoy working with people especially in this office because our patients are like family. We are on a first name basis. It is so wonderful to know that our patients are getting better without drugs or surgery each visit. I find that truly rewarding.

I can attest to that myself. When I started working here my right hip would hurt at night which would keep me awake at night. I was miserable walking around like a zombie. After a couple of spinal adjustments and electric stim treatments I was pain free and could sleep the whole night. What a wonderful feeling, to be human again.

Dr. Darr tries to make each of his patients feel like they are special and unique individuals, not a number. He takes his time to be very thorough and listens carefully to each and every patient. This is what makes working for Dr. Darr so great. He really cares about his patients and staff.

So please, do not hesitate to call Advanced Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center. I am confident you won't be


Jeanetta is a medically licensed massage therapist. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of medical massage in is licensed in the state of Ohio. She brings several years of experience to our team at Advanced Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center. She is well-versed in therapeutic massage with special training in Swedish and acupressure techniques. She customizes the massage that will best suit your specific needs which will maximize your benefits. She believes that nobody should live in pain and she is well equipped to help each client achieve their own personal goals.


My name is Nelly and I have been a licensed massage therapist her several years. I specialize in relaxation, deep tissue, sports, therapeutic, and prenatal massages. I truly enjoy not only giving massages but also helping others to feel better. To me, massage is not just about feeling relaxed-which it certainly can do-but also about helping to relieve pain, loosen tight muscles, improving flexibility, balance, muscle coordination and overall health.

I am humbled on a daily basis by everyone who trusts and allows me to work with them to determine what pressure works best for them (ranging from very light to deep penetration) and what areas of their body needs specific attention. I believe close communication with patients is of utmost importance in massage. It is not just about me, the therapist, telling you what is best but rather a partnership between the therapist and client working together to achieve the maximum benefits during each massage session and slowly building better longer-lasting results with each massage.