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Therapeutic Massage

Westlake Massage Therapy Relieves Pain
and Helps Injuries Heal

Therapeutic massage is a natural, conservative treatment that can help your body heal, whether you are struggling with chronic neck and back pain or are stiff and sore following an injury. Our Westlake massage therapy methods include deep tissue, sports, hot stones, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and lymph drainage massages. We provide massage therapy for patients in Westlake, Bay Village, Rocky River, North Olmsted, and Fairview Park.

Westlake therapeutic massage therapy for pain relief

Our Westlake Licensed Massage Therapists
Provide Pain Relief and Stress Management

Licensed massage therapists (LMT) Jessica and Susan work therapeutic miracles on our patients. Stephanie and Robyn recognize that each patient has individual wellness and pain management needs, and tailor their treatments accordingly. Whether you need strong hands for an invigorating tissue rub or a gentle touch to relieve muscle tenderness, Jessica and Susan will easily adapt their techniques to help your body heal. If you are also receiving chiropractic adjustments from our chiropractor, both our LMTs will work closely with Dr. Michael Darr to ensure that massage treatments complement Dr. Darr's adjustments.

Massage treatments unlock your body's inner potential to heal. The act of kneading skin and tissue invigorates the flow of blood. Enhanced circulation delivers fresh oxygen to muscles, flushing out lactic acid, toxins and waste products that block healing. At the same time, the body's heart rate and breathing rate decrease, helping the mind relax and center itself. Thanks to our busy lives, it is easy to become overwhelmed by constant stress. This sends our bodies into a perpetual state of flight or fight, elevating cortisol levels that lead to aging, weight gain and a compromised immune system. Kneading sore and stiff muscles lowers cortisol levels while raising the level of feel-good endorphins. Rather than existing in a state of constant panic, our mind is calmed and focused on healing.

Following an accident or injury, the body may naturally alter its movements to protect a strained muscle or other damaged tissue. Even sitting in an office all day hunched over a computer can strain muscles. Therapeutic massage enhances range of motion and releases tightness, soreness and stiffness. These treatments reinforce natural, healthy movements, while also restoring proper posture and flexibility to the body.

Massage therapy helps Westlake back pain patientsDepending on your wellness needs, different techniques may help release pent-up tension in the muscles and soothe aching joints. For moderate injuries, pain or stress, Jessica or Susan may apply light to medium pressure to enhance mood and promote internal healing following. For more intense pain relief, especially for chronic back pain, deep tissue treatments target the deepest layers of muscle to release tension and knots. Trigger point therapy pinpoints specific locations that cause pain and uses cycles of precise pressure and release to target chronic tension. Many athletes benefit from a sports treatment that focuses on a specific area of pain, such as an injured knee or shoulder.

Whether you need help healing from an injury, managing chronic pain or relieving daily stress, Jessica and Susan's treatments promote mind and body wellness. These treatments naturally complement chiropractic adjustments, enhancing whole body wellness while providing immediate pain relief. Even better, you do not need to be a current chiropractic client to enjoy the benefits of these treatments. We invite all Westlake, Bay Village, Rocky River, North Olmsted, and Fairview Park pain patients to visit our wellness center and experience the difference therapeutic massage can make!

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