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Chiropractic Care

Westlake Chiropractic Care Treats Back Pain, Headaches and Arthritis

At our Westlake chiropractic care center, we provide relief for a variety of pain and chronic conditions including back pain, headaches, arthritis and fatigue. Our care at Advanced Spinal Rehab & Wellness Center is founded on the belief that the spine and nervous system are the center of everything that happens in the body. Dr. Michael Darr is a third generation chiropractor who uses his experience to provide a non-invasive approach to pain relief.

Westlake chiropractic care treates back pain and neck painChiropractic care looks at the body as a whole organism instead of independent organs, muscles and bone structures. When the spine is healthy, the whole body is healthy. When the spinal column is out of alignment or a joint is damaged, it can cause inflammation and pressure on nerves, leading to pain throughout the body. For example, digestive disorders might be caused by nerve interference in the spinal column that disrupts the intestines from receiving proper messages. Dr. Darr works on manipulating or adjusting the area of the spine related to the nerve endings associated with each organ, thereby providing relief from a variety of conditions.

Most people are familiar with the hands-on form of chiropractic care. In this treatment method, our Westlake chiropractor uses spinal manipulation and adjustments to bring the spinal column back into alignment, reduce pressure on nerve endings, and improve joint mobility. During his initial examination, Dr. Darr looks for underlying causes of pain in the neuromuscular system. Once the source is identified, he uses a controlled force to restore mobility to affected joints and tissues. This alleviates pain and tightness and corrects any nerve interference, which allows healing to begin.

Westlake Chiropractic Care as Accident Injury Rehab

Our chiropractor may also incorporate other methods into his treatment plan. Our Triton 5000 Decompression Therapy System is used to alleviate built-up disc pressure in the spine and reduce pressure on nerve endings. Physical therapy and corrective exercises may be Westlake chiropractor uses adjustments to relieve headache pain and fatiguerecommended as part of an accident injury rehabilitation program. The therapeutic treatments available at the Advanced Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center provide relief for back pain, knee and joint pain, headache pain, arthritis pain, and so much more. Patients usually begin to find pain relief and increased mobility within the first few treatment sessions. Even when the initial complaint has been resolved, many patients come back again and again because they want a lifetime of wellness. The care they received here has reduced their fatigue, while adding more energy and vitality to their lives.

For thirty years, Advanced Spinal Rehab & Wellness has served the health and wellness needs of our neighbors in Westlake and the western suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio including Bay Village, Rocky River, North Olmsted, and Fairview Park. If you're suffering from back pain, neck pain, headache pain, or pain from an accident injury, visit our chiropractor and let us help you by, "Adding years to your life and life to your years…naturally!"

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