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Herniated Disc Pain Management

If you are experiencing a radiating, numbing, or tingling pain sensation in the lower back, legs, buttocks or arms, you may have a herniated disc, also known as a disc bulge. Our Westlake chiropractor Dr. Michael Darr understands just how frustrating it can be to get effective, drug-free and non-surgical treatment for a herniated disc. Dr. Darr has more than 30 years of experience using non-invasive chiropractic treatments to manage herniated disc pain. Our treatment options include spinal manipulation, the Flexion-distraction Technique for herniated discs, and spinal decompression therapy. These treatments bring correct alignment to the spine, relieve nerve compression from disc herniation, and support the body’s natural healing process following an injury.

Herniated Disc Pain Management in Westlake: Why Chiropractic Care Works

spine herniated discA herniated disc occurs when one of the rubbery cushions (discs) between the vertebrae slips or ruptures. A spinal disc has a soft center encased in a hard exterior, a lot like a jelly donut. When the soft center slips through the tough exterior, this can irritate nearby nerves, causing numbing and radiating pain sensations along the length of the nerve. Herniated discs are most common in the lumbar spine (lower back), but they can still occur in the cervical spine (the neck). Sciatica is one of the most common pain conditions associated with a herniated disc. This condition occurs when a disc in the lumbar spine compresses the sciatic nerve, triggering pain along the length of the nerve, which runs from the lower back down through the buttocks and the legs.

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment option because it directly addresses the root cause for your pain: the herniated disc. Rather than relying on medication to numb your brain’s ability to perceive pain or risking invasive surgery, our conservative chiropractic treatments deliver long-lasting relief by targeting your pain at the source. During a spinal manipulation, Dr. Darr re-aligns any lumbar or cervical spine vertebrae that have shifted out of their proper alignment.

The Flexion-distraction Technique for herniated discs is one of our most popular, evidenced-based treatment options for neck pain and back pain relief. The goal of Flexion-distraction treatment is to achieve a 50% relief in pain within 30 days. Studies show that nine out of 10 patients are satisfied with the outcome of their Flexion-distraction treatment 90 days after initiating treatment. Flexion-distraction is a relaxing, gentle treatment with no quick moves or noise. Treatment lowers intradiscal pressure, widens the spinal canal area, and also restores motion to the spinal joints.

Spinal decompression therapy is a treatment that uses precise, computerized movements to slowly traction the spine and creates space between the vertebrae. Decompression therapy relieves pressure on nearby nerves, pulling nutrients, oxygen and nourishing moisture back inside the injured disc. The gentle, relaxing treatment sessions are a natural complement to chiropractic adjustments for enhanced pain relief.

The right herniated disc treatment will safely relieve your pain without the need for invasive surgery or medication. Schedule an appointment with our Westlake chiropractor to learn more about your treatment options today.