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Spinal Decompression

Westlake Back Pain Relief through Spinal Decompression

Westlake back pain relief is a specialty at Advanced Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center. One of the techniques our Westlake chiropractor, Dr. Michael Darr, uses to achieve pain reduction is spinal decompression. Because a disc in the spine is commonly responsible for various types of body pain, non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is often used to decrease intra-discal pressure and promote healing. Individual treatment plans are designed that often combine spinal decompression with chiropractic care, physical therapy, therapeutic massage, nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to alleviate lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headache pain.

Westlake spinal decompression therapy for back pain relief

Manual chiropractic adjustments involve manipulation of the spine, other joints, and soft tissues. Non-surgical spinal decompression also focuses on spinal manipulations, incorporating the use of a carefully calibrated computer and machine to closely control the manipulations. Dr. Darr uses our Triton 5000 Decompression Therapy System to dramatically reduce patient pain and achieve long-lasting results. It works by leveraging the natural gravity and the weight of a patient's body to alleviate built-up disc pressure, causing a vacuum effect. Any disc material that has protruded outside the disc can then be pulled back inside. This vacuum also allows an influx of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients which can provide non-surgical relief. The chiropractor uses decompression to alleviate pain and promote healing for Westlake residents who may be experiencing back pain from an auto injury, personal injury, work-related injury, or other debilitating condition.

Westlake Patients Benefit from Spinal Decompression

Patients who are suffering from headache pain, lower back pain, neck pain, leg pain or arm pain may benefit from chiropractic care and spinal decompression therapy. This form of Westlake decompression therapy for back pain and headache pain patientsdecompression therapy is typically combined with physical therapy to create an effective treatment program for herniated discs, degenerative discs, Facet Syndrome, sciatica, post-surgical patients and spinal stenosis. In some cases, the spine may have become compressed and it degenerates, causing pain and discomfort.

Decompression therapy can effectively enhance the healing process and offer quick, effective pain relief. Our chiropractor also uses decompression therapy to treat a range of symptoms that stem from musculoskeletal disorders and nervous system issues without the use of surgery or medication.

What is a Typical Spinal Decompression Treatment Program?

Treatment is administered over the course of several office visits and may involve gentle chiropractic manipulation and physical therapy in combination with decompression to reduce and relieve pain. Typical frequency is three to five times per week, depending on the extent of the patient's symptoms. Patients tend to feel a sense of relief within eight sessions and full relief, where attainable, within 10 to 20 sessions. The goal is to help the spine regain natural alignment and range of motion.

Many patients have avoided surgery with this safe, effective procedure. If you've been suffering with pain, you can find out if spinal decompression is right for you by contacting Advanced Spinal Rehab and Wellness Center for an appointment now.

We work with many health insurance companies as well as patients on Medicare or workers' comp. Our Westlake office is conveniently located to the western suburbs of Cleveland, including Bay Village, Rocky River, North Olmsted and Fairview Park.

Have questions about non-surgical spinal decompression or interested in making a consultation appointment? Call us at 440-835-8484 today.