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Auto Accident Injury

Chiropractor Offers Accident Injury Therapy

Westlake chiropractor Dr. Michael Darr provides physical therapy and chiropractic techniques to treat accident injury patients. His goal is to help patients recover by assisting them in regaining movement and functionality so they can enjoy life without pain. Our physical therapy techniques are often provided in combination with other treatments and exercises to speed healing and strengthen muscles and tissues weakened by work injuries, personal injuries or any other type of accident injury.

Accident Injury Care Includes Physical Therapy
and Chiropractic Care

Westlake chiropractor provides care for back pain and work injury patientsAt Advanced Spinal Rehab & Wellness Center, we provide several forms of treatment and therapy for work injury patients to rehabilitate injured muscles, tendons and ligaments, and restore range of motion. Our treatments also prepare workers to return to their jobs and reduce the risk of an injury recurring.

Our work hardening rehabilitation therapy, by simulating the patient's work activities, prepares patients to return to work. Based on the types of motions and actions our patients routinely perform on the job, our chiropractor and therapists advise them on ways to ergonomically perform their job so they will be at less risk of re-injury. For instance, we show them safer ways to lift and bend and have them practice these movements. Our accident injury patients also perform corrective exercises to regain range of motion and strengthen muscles.

State-of-the-art chiropractic equipment is used in our accident injury therapy program. This includes our Triton 5000 Decompression Therapy System. We use this equipment to alleviate built-up disc pressure in the spine and reduce pressure on nerve endings to treat back pain, neck pain, joint pain, headaches and other problems associated with personal injury and work-related injury pain. This treatment also helps to improve mobility. Our Westlake chiropractor also performs chiropractic adjustments as part of accident injury and work injury rehabilitation.

Other Accident Injury Therapies

A variety of other treatments and therapies are part of our Advanced Spinal Rehab & Wellness Center's comprehensive rehabilitation program for accident injury patients.

Mechanical traction relieves pressure on pinched nerves and helps realign musculoskeletal tissues that an accident or work injury took out of alignment. The traction can help return an extremity to its natural position.

Electrical stimulation therapy includes a variety of therapies that can accelerate healing of Physical therapy and decompression used for accident injury treatmentstissues deep down at the cellular level, including tendons, muscles and ligaments, helping them respond better to exercise. Depending on each patient's circumstances, these include such therapies as interferential electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound and microamperage neural stimulation. These techniques provide natural pain relief and lower swelling and pain as they improve circulation and stimulate production of endorphins.

Heat/cold therapies complement other techniques. Diathermy, paraffin baths and moist heat are techniques that warm and loosen muscles before therapeutic exercise. In some cases, particularly right after an injury, cold is applied through cryotherapy to decrease inflammation and minimize injury.

If you have suffered an accident injury, call us at 440-835-8484 to learn how we can help you recover.