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CAUTION:  I have been practicing over 30 years.  Can you possibly imagine some of the awesome successes I have witnessed?  Over the years I have collected about 20 3-ring binders chuck full of amazing testimonies!  So here is my disclaimer.  We can not cure everything, although after reading the following testimonies you will be tempted to think so. The reason this is because when we are working on the spine it effects the nerves and wherever those nerves go to: arms, legs, feet, heart, lungs, thyriod, spleen, bladder, colon, sinus.  I mean everywhere!  Also, just because I may have cured hundreds of patients who have the exact same problem as yours does not mean I can help you. Each patient is evaluated on an individual basis and treatment is personalized.  Please call for an appointment today 440.835.8484



"Over a period of years of regular "maintenance care" by Dr. Darr, I felt an increased vitality of my overall bodily well being and my enjoyment of life.  It did not happen with one treatment, but the healing process did happen.  And, I am continuing my maintenance with Dr. Darr."

Rev. Raymond

"Everyone at Advanced is friendly and they all are concerned about helping me be healthy."


"Our whole family is now seeing Dr. Darr.  Our five children, ages 7 through 22, have all been helped tremendously with asthma, allergies, headaches.  My mom also sees Dr. Darr.  What a difference in just a few weeks."


"I was amazed at all the modern equipment that Dr. Darr uses besides his own hand manipulations.  He has really helped me and my family and friends can see how much better I am.  I will recommend Dr. Darr to anyone that needs help.  I will probably be going to Dr. Darr for the rest of my life for check ups if I want to stay in good condition and not regress."


"I suffered 4 months with sharp low back pain.  I could not lie down.  I could not sit.  I tried heat.  I tried pills.  I tried exercise.  Nothing seemed to help relieve my misery.  Dr. Darr then gave me a good thorough exam, including spinal x-rays.  He showed me my x-rays!  No wonder I hurt so much.  After three months and 15 adjustments, I felt so good that I stoppped coming for treatments.  In a couple of weeks, I could hardly walk again.  So, I called Dr. Darr and he fixed me up again.  Now, I feel as good as new and will stick with him!"


"I had so many complaints that I thought for sure that I must be a "hypochondriac"!  After accompanying my son Neil to Dr. Darr's office, I decided at his first visit, that I would also see if I could get relief.  I feel much more relaxed and the pressure is off for some strange reason.  I do not quite fully understand it yet, but Dr. Darr will tell you as he does me, that all the nerves in your body come from the spine.  By realigning the vertebrae, these nerves won't be pinched and won't have pain.  What I like best of all, is that I feel good about my life again."


"I thank you Dr. Darr, for taking the time to listen and to do tests to locate the real problem.  As for my nutritional problem, you've helped me a great deal with that also.  With both my back and nutritional challenges, I do not care if it takes years.  I will come as lften as needed to get these problems corrected.  Also, that eczema I had is no longer a problem."


Larry:  Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Low Back Pain

Dear Dr. Darr,

          Thank you again for all of your help with my bad back.  I thought you would be interested in knowing that my back and leg feels great.  I went skiing for 3 days and had absolutely no pain at all.

          Being a person that has never had any physical problems. I was very concerned after I hurt my back.  It seems that I really stirred up something in my back because I started experiencing the most extreme pain in  my leg, calf, and foot.  I was told that I had a herniated disc pinching on sciatica nerve and that nothing could be done.  I took some pain pills and anti-inflammatory medications and these did not seem to help my problem.  I was not able to work, sleep or exercise and my leg seemed to be getting worse.

          After coming into your office, my back immediately started to feel better.  However, as you know, my leg was not responding the way that I thought that it should.  I am glad you had so much faith and kept telling me to have patience with my body.  I remember after 6 weeks of treatment my leg was still hurting and the pain was becoming unbearable.  My medical doctor strongly recommended surgery and I honestly was leaning towards surgery since I was in so much pain.  I actually could not believe that you had so much faith that this problem would "quiet down" if we just gave it a little more time.  Sure enough, after scheduling the surgery, my leg finally started feeling better and after a couple more weeks of treatments my leg pain was completely gone!!!  I still can not believe that I almost went through with the surgery.

Yours in Good Health,


Mary Ann: Slipped Disc, Low Back & Leg Pain

 "6 years ago I found myself flat on my back in the hospital with a disc that had slipped out of place and was pressing on the nerves into my leg. I was in that same position for fourteen days. I had some therapy along with traction and medications. A friend of mine suggested going to Dr. Darr but I was not interested; actually I was afraid that he would cause me more distress so I would not even consider it. I finally reached a point where I had to do something, the pain was becoming more intense and I was not ready to consider surgery, besides, I was not able to even hold my grandchildren anymore. I called Dr. Darr and got an examination with a consultation that included calming me enough to make me want to continue the treatment; that was 3 months ago. I have continued my treatment and thanks to the capabilities of a doctor who truly believes in what he does and the caring of a "swell" staff, I am on the "road to recovery". I would never have believed that I could be pain-free again."


Mary Ann

"For several months I had veen suffering from back pain and weakened leg muscles.  In January I was x-rayed. My physician reported that he'd found nothing serious, except maybe a "touch of arthritis", and he recommended that I start taking one of the non-prescriptive pain relievers. But I'd already been taking aspirin, and this bothered me because whatever relief I got was always temporary.  I did not relish the prospect of taking medicine that did not address the underlying cause of my pain. I was also puzzled: how could a "touch of arthritis" cause so much pain?

The pain was severe enough to restrict nearly all my physical movements. My work requires me to spend a great deal of time in libraries. Despite the availability of online research data, I still have to bend down, kneel down, stretch up and reach over for books on library shelves. Some of the directories I use are quite heavy. I started to dread going to libraries--although they are among places I'd previously always enjoyed!

One day I saw an advertisement for Dr. Darr. I consider myself very fortunate that I saw it, because I wasn't even looking. The fact that Dr. Darr is (as the ad indicated) a third-generation doctor impressed me. I respect experience, especially when it runs through a family. I decided to make an appointment.

Dr. Darr's tests revealed that-- let me put this in non-medical terms--my spine and spinal muscles were a mess! I began a series of treatments with him. After two weeks my condition began to improve. Slowly I started to resume normal physical activity. I still have a long way to go, but if it hadn't been for Dr. Darr's treatment, I would actually be in worse shape today.

I'm very grateful for the skill and compassion shown by him and by all the members of his staff. "

Janet Byron, Ph.D.


Q:  What was the reason you came to Advanced Spinal Rehab & Wellness Center?

A:  I had lower back pain for years and neck and shoulder pain that was keeping me from sleeping.  I also was having breathing problems and bladder problems at night.

Q:  What had you tried prior to coming to Advanced and did it work?

A:  I had been to an Orthopedic Surgeon for my low back problem.  He recommended physical therapy which only gave temporary relief.  I had also been using an inhaler for my breathing.

Q:  What results have you received from the Activator Method of gentle spinal re-alignment here at Advanced?

A:  My lower back pain is almost completely gone for the first time in years.  My neck and shoulder are better.  My visits here have eliminated the need to get up 2-3 times every night to urinate.  I had asthma which I used an inhaler for 13 years until now.  I have not used my inhaler at all an feel better than I have in a long time.

I know, I know!  It sounds like chiropractic can cure anything.  That's why I put the disclaimer at the beginning of this section.  Here is the truth: chiropractic has a profound effect on your whole health and well being!  Here is the principle why.                                                


You are probably thinking, "So". Well the spine is where every nerve of your  body comes from.  And those nerves carry special coded life messages to every part of your body to keep them strong, healthy, and working properly. Therefore the nerves (and the spine that is supposed to protect them) is the biggest health secret on the planet. If people would take just 1/10th of the time, money and energy they spend on vacations, dining out and entertainment and spend it on taking better care of their spines to reduce nerve interference, it might cut sickness and diseases by half. To find out how chiropractic may help you call today!  440-835-8484.


Dear Dr. Darr,

Thank you for seeing my patient for evaluation of his symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Your examination was quite thorough and your findings highly regarded.

Additionally, I would like to thank your assistant for the promptness with which she sent materials from your office in support of chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I look forward to cooperative referrals of other patients in the future.  It certainly is rewarding to have someone with such extensive knowledge regarding C.T. S., and certainly much more, in our own field of practice with whom to confer.

Thank you once again,
Dr. John Barber, III, D.C.


Dear Caring People,

We wish to thank you for your help in treating our spinal conditions. Richard hurt his lower back through lifting at work.  We thought that rest and a back support would be sufficient to heal his condition. Three weeks later when he could not put on his socks, easily get out of bed, or get into the car without extreme pain, we decided to call your office.

Following Dr. Darr's very thorough examination and conferences, we used the cold gel packs to reduce swelling.  One week after treatment started, great improvement was noted,  After another week, Richard could dress himself without assistance and walk with his normal gait.

After observing the overwhelming concern and gentleness for Richard's spine, I also had my back examined.  Three years ago the medical world's solution to my "mild deterioration" was rest until the spasms stop, which took three weeks.  Recently my shoulders were exhausted most of the time. Nothing could bring relief.  Within two treatments I could easily smile and the pain subsided considerably.  I now am able to stand straighter and enjoy life more.

We both look forward to additional improvements as we continue treatment.  The loving Christian care which you offer can help all others who have any type of back pain.  We are thrilled with your help in restoring our health.  Thank you again.

Mary and Richard


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